Bottom left pic: September 2016

Top left pic: January 2017

Right pic: October 2017

In 1 year Fiona lost 4 stone!!

About Fiona’s Transformation

Fiona came to me as someone who you could just tell didn’t feel like herself in her own body! She had developed some bad habits over the years while at university & work. During this time she fell out of a good routine and into a trap of eating a bad diet and doing nothing about it!

When she came to me again I knew she would do well. She was so adamant about what she wanted to do, she was going to lose that weight no matter what and was so determined to do it! After a bit of juggling about with her diet we found something that worked for her and it has made a huge difference. Her training is tremendous, she loves lifting weights now and it is a joy for me to see her really enjoy it. She even says to me most sessions “can we do deadlifts today?” ….great stuff . Well done Fiona, you’ve started to turn your life around and there’s plenty more to come. Great job, great client!!!

What Fiona Said:

When I first started training with Matty I was a bit of a mess to say the least. I’d always done some sort of exercise but it was mainly cardio and I had absolutely no routine or consistency with it. My diet was all over the place and I had no energy at all.

Matty is a great trainer – he’s really down to earth and a bit of a character..! But because of it, he puts you at ease straight away and the PT sessions are always such a good laugh. In fact, you actually end up looking forward to going to the gym.

He started getting me to lift heavy weights, which was a novel concept at the time but something I now realised has completely changed my body and helped me to shed much more fat than cardio alone. Now, deadlifting is one of my favourite exercises.

He’s also revolutionised my diet and helped me understand way more about nutrition and how important that is to shedding the weight. He gave me a tailored diet plan that was tough but easy to follow. And once you start seeing the results it’s really motivating.

I’d definitely recommend Matty, he’s a top bloke and will always go the extra mile to help you achieve your goals.

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