Here are just some of the people who I’ve helped make massive transformations to their body – please click on any of the images to read further information about that particular transformation. This could be you, please click here to get in touch now!

Russell Gilbert

Russell Gilbert's Transformation Update Dec 2018: Russell has made huge gains in 4 months after starting a ketogenic diet and training 4 days per week doing both strength training and functional fitness! Russell came to me as a complete beginner in all aspects of training [...]


About Fiona's Transformation Fiona came to me as someone who you could just tell didn’t feel like herself in her own body! She had developed some bad habits over the years while at university & work. During this time she fell out of a [...]

Gareth Robinson

Gareth Robinson's Transformation Gaz came to me 2 years ago after years of living a normal day to day life which did not include much training, if any. He has a successful business day to day and is overall a busy family man! It [...]

Olivia Haytack

Olivia Haytack's Transformation Olivia is one or the hardest workers I’ve ever worked with. She turns up every session with a smile on her face and ready to do whatever I throw at her! She really has taken to the lifting and all of the [...]

Kala Harsley

Kala Harsley's Transformation I would say Michaela has been an absolute pleasure to train her work ethic is a real joy to see! When she first came to me I could really see she had it in her to achieve her goals and I’ve tested [...]

Paul Carruthers

Paul Carruthers Transformation To say I'm proud of Paul would be an understatement. When he first came to me his fitness wasn't good, the first session I had to ask him to sit down and take 5 he didn't look in a good way. [...]

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